Thursday, November 17, 2011

ADVENTURES// Salt Lake City, UT

when someone wants to pay for you to come visit a place like this,
"No. I don't wanna!" isn't exactly the first thing on your mind.
I have been to Utah twice,
once for a day, and once for a month
but both times Salt Lake City was just a place we drove through
neither times were during winter
& both times, I was in love with the place from the moment I stepped off the plane.
I wont lie, I've always had a romantic view of SLC ever since I was 9 and Mary-Kate and Ashley came out with "Getting There", about their first big road-trip without their parents to Salt Lake City for the Winter Olympics. 
I've had many dreams of a wintry getaway to this city..
and now..
I am going to stay there and get to visit some family and old friends!
Who knows, maybe I'll even learn to snowboard without killing myself *fingers crossed*
This time Monday I will be stepping off a plane and living it up in the City of the Great Salt Lake

I am blessed.

{image from google images}

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