Monday, November 21, 2011

Beautiful Words

let me be patient
let me be kind
make me unselfish
without being blind

I may have faith
to make mountains fall
but if I lack love
then I am nothing at all

(picture from Scotland last month. I love the magical things that happen with my Holga)

Travel Rituals

I can never sleep the night before I travel.
I am always too excited!!

I spend the entire night packing 
(because I am a massive procrastinator and always put it off till the absolute last moment!)
I always do my nails
and take a shower
and spend far too much time trying to pick out the perfect travel outfit in my underwear.

then I triple check my computer is easily accessible to pull out of my carry on when going through security
and I check a million times to make sure I have the essentials like passport, & flight information, ect. in my purse.
(can you tell I've spent 50 hours on a plane already this year?) 
Then I drink a liter of water,
Make sure I go to the bathroom (still to this day have never used a bathroom on a plane. Listen to your mom people! Go to the bathroom before you leave. I hate waiting on my travel buddies who always have to use the restroom during travels because they didn't go before they left... No bueno)
and fill up my tummy to avoid expensive airplane/airport food
and also because when I have a longer layover I ALWAYS say I am going to eat then...
and I ALWAYS end up having to run to my second gate to catch my plane.
You never have as much time as you think you do during layovers.
trust me.

what are your travel rituals??

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

  I went to Romania

it was actually this past June...
the life of a missionary takes you to amazing places but.. I never thought I'd end up in Romania...
This week I've just been thinking about Romania...
The kids I met there have been on my heart.
Seriously, I have never met more adorable children then the gypsy kids of Romania.
Most of the girls are forced into prostitution by 13... because without work, they starve & as a gypsy, they do not have many other opportunities for work.
Yet, they are so loving, and trusting.
I am just some stranger and they had no problem running up and grabbing my hand...
I miss these child...

Thankful November // Rachel

who is this lovely creature?
Oh, she's just my best friend.
No big deal.
She writes beautiful, whimsical books and published poems.
She also is an amazing pianist, and writes beautiful compositions.
& Guess what!
Never took a music class in her life.
We seldom fight, even when we lived together for six months.
Because if she is hurt or thinks I am doing something wrong, she addresses it in the sweetest way possible and we work on it.
Yeah, a mature young lady who actually values friendship!
Shocking right!?
She is a better human being than I am.
She has great taste in music and the most funkiest style that no one else could pull off.
She also understand my love for triple chocolate brownies, & The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and we watch Big Fish and Benny and Joon on a regular basis.

Friday, November 18, 2011

so maybe I'm counting down//so what


with help from a few of my favorite blogs
over the years I've had my eyes opened to how many fun things there are to do in SLC.
 I may have started a "HAVE to do in Salt Lake" list.
if you have any recommendations to add to the list PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share

{image from google}

Thursday, November 17, 2011


You have got to stay in your comic book pajama pants all day.
then you have to eat ice cream for breakfast
and then after crying over your emotional woe's like a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert
then you have to, have to, HAVE to
listen to music that reminds you of the Summer of your 16th year on the planet.
When you were young, free, and thought you were cooler than you actually were.
Then you hug your puppy

this is adulthood, people.

ADVENTURES// Salt Lake City, UT

when someone wants to pay for you to come visit a place like this,
"No. I don't wanna!" isn't exactly the first thing on your mind.
I have been to Utah twice,
once for a day, and once for a month
but both times Salt Lake City was just a place we drove through
neither times were during winter
& both times, I was in love with the place from the moment I stepped off the plane.
I wont lie, I've always had a romantic view of SLC ever since I was 9 and Mary-Kate and Ashley came out with "Getting There", about their first big road-trip without their parents to Salt Lake City for the Winter Olympics. 
I've had many dreams of a wintry getaway to this city..
and now..
I am going to stay there and get to visit some family and old friends!
Who knows, maybe I'll even learn to snowboard without killing myself *fingers crossed*
This time Monday I will be stepping off a plane and living it up in the City of the Great Salt Lake

I am blessed.

{image from google images}