The Author

Welcome Home!
my name is Brooke, my friends call me Brooklyn.
I was born in Muskogee Oklahoma (Yeah, from that Merle Haggard song..) and raised in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. I was born three days after Valentine's Day in the year of 93. Its been just me and my mom for awhile now, but she is my best friend. I am just your average crocheter, missionary, vagabond. I love my Heavenly Papa and I just am trying to change the World, no big deal. When I turned 18 I set out to do work for Jesus and learn more about the World around me. I went to Germany, Romania, Ethiopia, Czech and a few other places and realized this was my passion. This is what I am meant to do. Travel the World, and spread the love that was created for us to have & see who I can help along the way. I meet amazing people along the way, and have crazy adventures. This is just my online journal. I love to document everything. My life is unbelievable, & I'd love you to be apart of it.